Wednesday, August 19, 2009


YouTube is a site where the public can upload video clips and music clips to share with the public. It amazes me how many clips are out there and what people are will to share with the public eye! In my experience with YouTube it has been a very useful tool to engage students in a given topic and use throughout and extended lesson or unit.

Through researching the topic it is clear YouTube can be used in education for a variety of purposes. It is a great way to search and find a topic related to lessons being taught, it can help students refine their search techniques and gives new meaning to they way in which students research. With so much content on YouTube it is important that educators are very careful in choosing content especially when searching in class. "YouTube's content is interesting and unpredictable. It isn't always safe for work or appropriate for children" (Karch, 2009).

The clip I have chosen to share is one that I will be using at the start of a lesson with my prep class. We cook every week and have been discussing the importance of food handling, kitchen safety and healthy eating. This cooking lesson we will be making pizzas! After showing the clip the class will discuss what foods we are using to make our pizza, where they fit on the healthy food pyramid and they steps we need to take when cooking in the kitchen (safety). McKenna Gehrke makes a personal pizza for her family on the Kitcheneers!

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  1. Hi Antoinette,
    The introduction to your prep lesson sounds like it will be very engaging for your students, children enjoy learning from other children.

    Great idea regarding the importance of being careful when choosing videos. Educators do need to review the videos all the way through before showing them, just to make sure the content is appropriate.

    Thanks for your insight!