Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Podcasts are basically an audible blog, you can subscribe to topics which interest you, and those podcasts which you have subscribed to can be automatically uploaded onto your computer, which, in turn, can then be loaded onto an mp3 player to be listened to later (techFAC, 2009)

Podcasts could be used by educators to provide an overview of what is to be taught prior to a lesson or as a revision tool throughout a unit of work or at the end of a lesson for students to revise what has been taught.

As an early childhood educator I feel this is more targeted towards upper primary or secondary students. They would be more inclined to engage with this type of media and I would see this as a benefit to students that are high auditory learners.

At this stage in my E-Learning Adventures I am stumped for ideas as to how I could use Podcasts with my prep class. Has anyone trialed this with a prep class and found it successful?

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