Monday, August 17, 2009


"A weblog (blog) is a website that allows the user to post time-stamped diary entries" (Northcott, Miliszewska, Dakich, 2007). Blog entries are able to be sorted into separate categories which can then be shared with other users who share an interest in the topic being discussed. Users are then able to comment and share opinions on the given topic.

Blogs are a great tool that can enable teachers to develop their students own creativity, through careful planning of activities to engage the students in the blogging process.

It is important to note if utilising this approach teachers must be constantly aware of the possibility students may be subjected to cyber bullying. It is therefore important that teachers are closely monitoring all students blogs at all times!

Northcott, B., Miliszewska, I., Dakich, E. (2007). ICT for (I)nspiring (C)reative (T)hinking. Retrieved August 11, 2009, From

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