Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music on the Web

Royalty-Free music on the Internet is a great resource for teachers. I downloaded some African music which could be used to extend on a students interest in jungle animals, having the students dance to the music perhaps with some simple percussion instruments they could really become engrossed in the cultural experience that the music evokes. This would foster the development of children's movement skills and introduce them to a different culture. They can develop rhythm, time, repetitious patterns. Music like this in a classroom can be a really engaging way to get children interested in the topic.
It's reassuring to know that there is plenty of Royalty -Free music on the Internet as we often here of copyright infringements and need to be careful not to download illegal files.


  1. Hi Antoinette,

    I love your idea to use the jungle music in the classroom for a movement activity. Perhaps this could be used in the 'hook' of a lesson and then learners could learn all about the jungle and the animals that live there. They could end the lesson by listening to the music again but this time moving like the animals.



  2. Hi Antoinette and Kira,
    I was thinking the same thing Kira, the jungle theme song would be fantastic as a hook to introduce different cultures, and animals from other countries. Great idea Antoinette, if you use it in your prep class let me know how the students responded.