Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Picnik is a photo editing tool the learning opportunities are endless! What a wonderful site.

I found this to be a very user friendly site. Although it was a little difficult at first to navigate my way around I quickly became wrapped up in all the possibilities.

Photographs are a great visual source for most learners and Levstik and Smith (1996) suggest students find it more rewarding when engaging in visual interpretations. Educators could use Picnik across many Key Learning Areas to provoke emotions, experiment with colour, shapes and design creative slides and collages. The learning experiences are are only limited to the teachers own creativity. I look forward to using Picnik as a learning tool in my classroom.

Levstik, L.S. & Smith, D.B. (1996). "I've never done this before". Building a community of historical inquiry, in a third-grade classroom, Advances in Research on Teaching, 6, 85-114.

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