Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Flicker is an image and video hosting website and an online networking site. The website has become popular with bloggers as a form of photo 'bank'.

To begin with I had many hassles setting up my account with flicker. With yet another account having to be set up at times it seems as though all these new 'time saving' technologies can be more of a hindrance than help, I feel in the past it has been much quicker and easier to just use google images!

Through further exploration of flicker I can see the benefits it could have. You are able to set up your account and choose who has access to your photos. This is another way in which social networking can take place. Through the formation of groups you can share ideas and build a repertoire of resources. Therefor this would be a great resource for education teachers.

It was a very simple process to choose photos and then upload the photos to my blog. As teachers with so many tools available it is important to be critical about which tools would best suit when executing learning experiences.

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