Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Interactive WhiteBoards

An interactive whiteboard is a large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector. Using a projector the computer screen is shown on the whiteboard and users are then able to interact with the computer using markers, pointers or other devices.

Interactive white boards are a very valuable tool for learner education. They can be used in a variety of ways to accommodate learning across all curricular areas. The interactive whiteboards can accommodate for different learning styles, students can touch and mark the board, listen to discussion and watch as the visual representations take place on the board (Bell, 2002)

The interactive whiteboard is an excellent tool for the constructivist educator. This technology can foster the development of collaborative learning as it encourages students to partake in group discussions and interactions (Bell, 2002). The ways in which one could use an interactive whiteboard in the classroom are endless, demonstrating new computer skills, digital story telling, brainstorming, saving and printing documents just to name a few.

Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to experience the use of the whiteboard in my classrooms; however I have heard great reviews and see the potential it has to offer all learners.

“Students think and learn in many different ways. It also provides educators with a conceptual framework for organizing and reflecting on curriculum assessment and pedagogical practices. In turn, this reflection has led many educators to develop new approaches that might better meet the needs of the range of learners in their classrooms” (Mark, 2002)

What a creative way to engage a class, the possibilities this tool could bring in ensuring all my learners needs are met. I look forward to engaging with the tool in the not so distant future!

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