Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slide Share

SlideShare allows a user to upload and share PowerPoint presentations. It can also be used to add a voice over to the presentation, this is then known as a 'slidecast'.

I found the sign up process to be relatively simple, however the process of attaching the mp3 file seemed to be time consuming and somewhat difficult. I feel that I could achieve similar results by using Photo Story, and then uploading into any of my storage files.

From a teachers point of view SlideShare is another way of engaging the students in the classroom, using the right voice over or music could evoke different emotions about the slide being presented and help to provoke stronger opinions, which in turn can lead to further discussion. For the student, SlideShare offers a tool which they can use to make presentations on any given topic.

I have uploaded a simple presentation which I would use for younger students to dance along to, getting them to act out the type of animal that appears on the slide show. This is an extrapolation of my ideas on using music in the classroom, and by adding another medium to the presentation would make it all the more engaging for the students.

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